What to expect

The first treatment


The first treatment appointment includes a thorough assessment of your condition.

Your personal medical history includes your current complaints, dietary and exercise habits, as well as previous operations, accidents and much more. Therefore, please also feel free to bring examination reports from your treating physicians.

In addition to the detailed medical history, the physical examination is the main focus. The examination serves to determine in which parts of the body movement and function restrictions can be found.

The aim of the treatment is to resolve these by means of gentle manual techniques or chiropractic measures, thus helping the body to regain its balance and thus its health.

Treatment duration

An osteopathic treatment lasts between 45 and 50 minutes.

Minimum time between treatments


The body can react to a treatment for about two to three weeks, therefore another appointment is made after this time at the earliest. In this way, the body is given the opportunity to adjust to the changes brought about by the treatment. The interval between treatments is determined individually in order to achieve the best results.

Frequency of treatments


The frequency of treatments depends on the patient's particular complaint. Chronic complaints usually require a longer treatment period than acute ones. In addition, it is always clarified whether the patient's symptoms are based on a disease that requires a referral to a specialist.